VOICES – The Art of Resistance


VOICES - The Art of Resistance  (3654)

在庫状態 : 売り切れ

Childe Abaddon/Rock Lion Limited/23.5 cm × 30.5 cm/244 pages



A companion book, VOICES, is a collection of the artwork, slogans and verse spawned by the Hong Kong protest movement.
From the very beginning of the protests with the first mass rally in June, Hong Kong’s artists have found creative inspiration in the drama unfolding in the streets, and their work has in turn given visual expression to the people’s anguish, anger and anxiety — through poster art, graffiti, Cantonese wordplay and widely shared internet memes. At some of the darkest moments, artists have provided levity and relief, and the added fuel to keep the momentum alive.
VOICES chief editor is the Hong Kong artist known by his pen name Childe Abaddon, one of the lead artists for the Lennon Wall at Kwai Fong.



Childe Abaddon (Editor) started his advertising career in the 1990s, starting as a Visualiser and becoming a Creative Director before venturing out in 2007 to establish his own boutique advertising agency and creative studio, which has worked with some of Hong Kong’s best known brands. He has also worked as producer and marketing director for the online gaming industry, establishing gaming platforms in Hong Kong and Taiwan. As a concerned citizen and social activist, he began helping candidates in the 2012 Legislative Council Assistance Project, and in June of this year began creating realistic style illustrations that became well known when they were exhibited on the Lennon Walls that sprouted up in districts across Hong Kong.

Ich Bin Ein Hong Konger (Chinese & English text writer)

Contributing Artists. Mostly anonymous Hong Kong artists who have provided a collection of art posters and paintings for this book, including 50 artists and typography designers, and more than 200 works of art.