余在思 – 書法年曆2022


余在思 - 書法年曆2022  (4245)

余在思 @jonyu_brush/420mm × 297mm


About the title
In 1828, Robert Morrison published Vocabulary of the Canton Dialect. It was 13 years before the British Empire colonized Hong Kong. Through a strange pronunciation system invented by Morrison, you may guess and read the title of this calendar in Cantonese. Also, you may realize that the sentence structure of the English translation is a bit unfamiliar. Interestingly, by referring to a faraway historical language teaching book, it makes fun with language and initiates discussion and reflection. What happened in the translation regarding the history and Hong Kong colonial past? How does it shape our understanding of our identity through language? Do different dialects shape different impressions? We could open this questioning by reading aloud the title and sharing different tones we try to pronounce.

1828年、ロバート・モリソンが広東語辞典を出版しました。 大英帝国が香港を植民地化する13年前のことです。 モリソンによって発明された奇妙な発音システムに従って、あなたは推しはかりながらこの広東語のタイトルを読むかもしれません。また、英訳テキストの構造がなじみのないものであることにも気付くかもしれません。 興味深いことに、古い歴史を持つ言語教育本を参照することは、ことばをおもしろくし、議論と反省へと誘います。 歴史と香港植民地時代に関する翻訳において何が起こったのか? ことばによって私たちのアイデンティティはどのように形作られるのか? 方言が異なれば印象も異なるのか? タイトルを声に出して読み、発音しようとするさまざまなトーンを共有することによって、私たちはこの問いを開くことができます。



It’s time to erase and REWRITE our memory
Many people feel that we are living in an alien environment. Friendship and familiar living styles are different to what we experienced before. It is happening not only in Hong Kong but all around the world. Needless to emphasize, Hong Kong is now in a significant change comparing with other developed cities. We are all living with suffer and pain due to the pandemic and political monopolization. We are urged to look forward and move forward. It seems that we don’t have the freedom to stay for a while, memorize, mourn, and think as well. Like other calendars, this 2022 calendar serves a similar purpose of reminding you of memorable dates and events; notably, it states public holidays. However, by making this 2022 calendar, I would like to do several collaborative art activities with you.


※ We’ll enclose the instruction with the order | 英語の説明書を同封します


你今日好呀/白 (4245)¥1,000
你睇年曆就知咯/白 (4245)¥1,000
書到用時方恨少/白 (4245)¥1,000
書到用時方恨少/黑 (4245)¥1,000
你唔受教呀/白 (4245)¥1,000
你唔愛教呀/黑 (4245)¥1,000
Full Set 6枚 (4245)¥5,000