Tsuji Jun: Japanese Dadaist, Anarchist, Philosopher, Monk


Tsuji Jun: Japanese Dadaist, Anarchist, Philosopher, Monk  (3292)

在庫状態 : 売り切れ

Erana Jae Taylor/127mm × 198mm/102ページ




“Tsuji was influenced by the philosophy of Epicurus, and many characteristics of Epicureanism show through his lifestyle. For example, Tsuji avoided active engagement in politics and sought after a form of ataraxia, which he was apparently able to experience through vagabond wandering and Egoism.”

The fertile interdisciplinary nature of Tsuji’s interests is part of what makes him such a fascinating topic, and this breadth lends itself to any number of angles for study. Surely this is a contributing factor as to why so many Japanese have chosen to write about him, each wanting to tell Tsuji’s story from their own angle. As a result we find titles ranging from Nihilist: the thought and life of Tsuji Jun; Love for Tsuji Jun ( a lover’s memoir); Nomad Dadaist Tsuji Jun; Madman Tsuji Jun: Shakuhachi Flute, the sound of the universe, and the sea of Dada; and Tsuji Jun: Art and Pathology, among others.