Mapping Anarchism in Tokyo

drawing by Chen Yifei

日時 2024年3月9日(土) 19:00〜
会場 IRREGULAR RHYTHM ASYLUM(新宿区新宿1-30-12-302)


※会場では「アナキズム文献センター 非日本語資料コレクション展」開催中 19時まで



drawing by Chen Yifei print by qua

Since the late 19th century, anarchists have never ceased their exchanges and actions across borders. Anarchists from China and Japan have had close interactions since the early 20th century. On the evening of March 9th, Chinese anarchists will share the evolving history of anarchism in China in Tokyo. They invite friends present to also share their knowledge of anarchist practices from other places, collectively mapping a global network of anarchism that transcends time and space. Together, they imagine alternative possibilities in history and look towards the future.

  1. 中国の自律シーンと、なぜアナキズムの歴史を学ぶのかについて[中日通訳あり]
  2. 20世紀の中国アナキズム史 アナキストの国境を越えたネットワーク[中日通訳あり]
  3. 地図作成をしながらアナキストの歴史について対話


  1. Self organization scene in China and why learn Anarchist History [Chinese to Japanese interpretation available]
  2. 20th Chinese Anarchist history: Transnational networks of anarchists [Chinese to Japanese interpretation available]
  3. Dialogue on anarchist histories through collective mapping.

Material: Big size paper, different pen, Transcription and translation apps as needed

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