Signal: 06


Signal: 06  (3275)

在庫状態 : 売り切れ

Alec Dunn, Josh MacPhee/PM Press/5″x7″/176ページ・フルカラー(英語)





  • 地下ワークショップ:ニューヨークにおけるアジア系アメリカ人の抵抗文化の起源
  • レバノンの印刷コレクティヴ「Jamaa Al-Yad」のメンバーDaniel Drennan ElAwarインタビュー
  • 80年代ベイエリアの反帝国主義コラージュ・プロパガンダ制作集団「Incite!」
  • 自律的民衆文化学校「ECPM68」:メキシコシティにおける30年の集団的扇動
  • 69年から79年にウェスト・バージニアに存在したラディカル小出版社「The Appalachian Movement Press」
  • ベルリンのANTIFAステッカーについての考察


Josh MacPheeさん(@jmacphee)がシェアした投稿


Signal is an ongoing book series dedicated to documenting and sharing compelling graphics, art projects, and cultural movements of international resistance and liberation struggles. Artists and cultural workers have been at the center of upheavals and revolts the world over, from the painters and poets in the Paris Commune to the poster-makers and street-theatre performers of the Occupy movement. Signal brings these artists and their work to a new audience, digging deep through our common history to unearth their images and stories.

In the U.S. there is a tendency to focus only on the artworks produced within our shores or from English-speaking producers. Signal reaches beyond those bounds, bringing material produced the world over, translated from dozens of languages and collected from both the present and decades past. Although a full-color printed publication, Signal is not limited to the graphic arts. Within its pages you will find political posters and fine arts, comics and murals, street art, site-specific works, zines, art collectives, documentation of performances, and articles on the often-overlooked but essential roles all of these have played in struggles around the world.

Highlights of the sixth volume of Signal include:

  • Basement Workshop: The Genesis of New York’s Asian American Resistance Culture
  • Jamaa Al-Yad: An Interview with Daniel Drennan ElAwar
  • La Escuela de Cultura Popular Revolucionaria Mártires del 68: Thirty Years of Collective Agitation in Mexico City
  • The Appalachian Movement Press
  • Adhesing Uprisings, and much more.