LOOKING FOR THE WOLF (aka EAST ASIA ANTI-JAPAN ARMED FRONT) English subtitled version on screen!

dir. Kim Mirye, 2018 | 74 min. South Korea. | In Japanese with English subtitles.


Introduction of the film

A blast shook the office buildings in Tokyo on August 30th, 1974. A time bomb had detonated and blown up part of the headquarters of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, leaving eight people dead and hundreds injured. The ‘Wolf’ cell, a unit of the East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front, claimed responsibility. Others, claiming to belong to the cells ‘Fangs of the Earth’ and ‘Scorpion’, carried out a series of bombings, targeting major corporations. Deeply conscious of Japan’s imperialist heritage, the members of the horizontal network EAAJAF were committed to ending the history of Japanese capitalist exploitation in Asia. More than 40 years have passed since then. Some members are no longer in the world, others remain incarcerated, while still others remain at large. In search of traces of these revolutionaries, the Korean documentarist Kim Mirye makes a painstaking trip through the Japanese archipelago, from the day-laborer district in Osaka to the northern marshes of Ainu Mosir (known as Hokkaido). Looking straight in the eyes of those who came together in support of the EAAJAF, despite the glaring shortcomings of the group’s project, she challenges us to discover what is left unthought and unimagined within our notions of Japan and East Asia.

Born in 1964, Kim Mirye is a documentarian who captures and encourages the possibilities of change and reflection by putting on the screen in a sympathetic light those who have been strategically fragmented and obscured by capital and power. Her feature documentaries such as WE ARE WORKERS OR NOT? (2003), NOGADA (2005), STAYED OUT OVERNIGHT (2009) and SANDA (2013) have created sensations at prominent domestic and international film festivals and community screenings, despite not being released in theaters. SANDA won the Best Korean Documentary Award at the 5th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival. LOOKING FOR THE WOLF, which talks about searching for the root cause of violence, international peace, and expanding solidarity, is her fifth feature film and first theatrical release.


❗️Ekida Yukiko & Ugajin Hisaichi who are members of the EAAJAF will join the discussion following the screening of the film.

Date: 10th July 2022 (Sun) screening starts at 6:00pm
Ticket: Donation
Place: IRREGULAR RHYTHM ASYLUM (1-30-12-302 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 160-0022)

Organized by: 『SOUBOU』editorial meeting & IRREGULAR RHYTHM ASYLUM
Co-organized by: The Support and Liaison Committee to Crush the Attacks on the East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front to whom Death Penalty and Heavy Punishment Abusively Applied





日時 7月10日(日)18時〜
料金 投げ銭
場所 IRREGULAR RHYTHM ASYLUM(東京都新宿区新宿1-30-12-302)

共催 東アジア反日武装戦線への死刑重刑攻撃とたたかう支援連絡会議