Psychedelics and Technics 迷幻與科學


Psychedelics and Technics 迷幻與科學  (3532)

在庫状態 : 売り切れ

Zheng Mahler/Small Tune Press/A5/4 zines + 4 sheets


The book covers excerpts from reading groups consisting of local and international artists, students, scholars, musicians, bankers, and asylum seekers from April to May 2018. It explores the discussion of psychedelic, consciousness, artificial intelligence and the interconnection of death. We added more images and ideas to the reader’s psychedelic memory palace, dropping the pebbles into the sea and watching the ripples spread indefinitely. The enclosed 4 sheets of non-acid active blotter paper cards provided the psychedelic imaginary to the readers.

這本書涵蓋了從2018年4月至2018年5月期間由本地和國際藝術家、學生、學者、音樂家、銀行家和尋求庇護者組成的閱讀小組的摘錄。內容探討了迷幻、意識、人工智能和死亡之間的聯繫。 我們向讀者的迷幻記憶宮殿添加了更多圖像和構想,像小石頭扔入海中,看著漣漪無限地傳播。書內附帶著四張印有迷幻圖案並無帶藥性的吸墨紙卡,為讀者提供了想像的圖騰。