A Map of San Francisco Pizza


A Map of San Francisco Pizza  (3123)

在庫状態 : 売り切れ

Mariko Baba and Eishin Yoshida/ME(め)/袋とじ


“ME(め) zine presents: A Map of San Francisco Pizza – Because…why not? -” was made for people who proudly say “Why not?” to a slice of pizza. We hope that you enjoy eating at our favorite pizza spots around San Francisco!

ME(め)zine 第2弾は、仕事後のミーティングや軽いスナック、そしてご褒美としてもよく食べるME(め)のソウル・フード ピザを食べ歩き、そこでの体験をイラストにまとめました。子どもから大人、手軽なものから贅沢なものまで、万人に愛されているピザからみるサンフランシスコの日常をお楽しみください。

Our second zine will be available in red and blue covers. Like our first zine, we will be sewing them using the fukurotozine method. For more information about what a fukurotozine is, click here.

We have designed our zine to act as a postcard as well. For domestic mail, one FOREVER stamps will do! Go ahead, send away–you’ll brighten someone’s day! 🙂

We have included ways to access pizza spots via San Francisco public transit. We hope this makes finding restaurants a little easier!