WHITE FUNGUS #16  (3389)

在庫状態 : 売り切れ

WHITE FUNGUS/190mm x 240mm/224 pages


The 16th issue of White Fungus features a 50-page interview with Carolee Schneemann in which the artist candidly recounts her life in art and a career spanning six decades. This ground-breaking conversation is accompanied by historic artworks and photos from deep within the artists archives.

Kurt Gottschalk reports on a New York performance of Max Richter’s SLEEP and describes his experiences of sleeping through concerts; expanding his inquiry to interview leading composers and musicians on the topic. Berlin music writer Tobias Fischer takes a deep dive into the world of animal music and research suggesting that animals employ a creative agency comparable to that of humans.

There is an article about 2018 Turner Prize–nominee Luke Willis Thompson, plus former Flash Art US editor Nicola Trezzi interviews Dor Guez about the Christian Palestinian Archive. Taipei curator Jeph Lo describes witnessing the emergence of noise music in Taiwan in the post–martial law era, alongside a photo essay on political demonstrations held during the islands transition out of military rule. There is new performance art from Asia, and much more.