Rethinking Anarchy: Direct Action, Autonomy, Self-Management


Rethinking Anarchy: Direct Action, Autonomy, Self-Management  (4474)

在庫状態 : 在庫有り

Carlos Taibo (Author); The Autonomies Collective (Translator)/AK Press/160 pages


The first book by well-known Spanish social theorist Carlos Taibo translated into English, Rethinking Anarchy is both an introduction to and in-depth interrogation of anarchism as political philosophy and political strategy. Taibo introduces the basic tenets of anarchism at the same time that he engages the debates around each, producing a book that will appeal to both beginners and readers with extensive knowledge of this insurgent political movement. Questioning “classical” anarchist thought, while refusing to reject any of it outright, Rethinking Anarchy offers a fresh and radical perspective, steeped in tradition but addressing contemporary needs.

Covering topics as varied as the nature of the State, the shortcomings of representative democracy, and how anarchism relates to feminism, environmentalism, and antimilitarism, this edition includes an epilogue that looks at the failure of recent electoral “victories” in Europe to guarantee any real form of social change.


Praise for Rethinking Anarchy

“Carlos Taibo has dived into vast fields of study … In his books and lectures a mind both rational and kaleidoscopic emerges, from which flows an extremely subtle capacity for analysis.”
—Rebelión Magazine


Carlos Taibo is Professor of Political Science and Administration at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Automomies is an anarchist collective whose aim is to explore, imagine and thereby contribute to the creation of relations that deepen our freedom and equality. Members are based in Lisbon, Vancouver, and Toronto and some were previously involved with the Anarchist Communist Federation that published the North American Anarchist and Strike!